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  Item Ref: lb1257 Email to Order! Price: £ 16
  Description: WW11 VMail Scrip Ink Large Size Bottle Shipping: £ 8
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Item Reference: lb1257
Description: WW11 VMail Scrip Ink Large Size Bottle
Brand:     WW11 VMail Scrip Ink Large Size Bottle
Origin: USA
Imprint on Glass: Pat D- 1769866
Paper Label: rare Red yellow & Black Label rare
Size in oz´s: 4 ozs
Bottle Height (mm): 78
Bottle Diameter (mm): 63
Bottle Date: 1944
Case Material: Glass
Ink Color: V-Black
History: WW 11 Mint Ink made service men
Magazine Page: yes
Magazine Name: Life
Title: V-Black Skrip for V-Mail
Magazine Date: May 22nd 1944
Origin: USA
Size in Ins: 14 ins X 10 ins
Format: Full Page
Type: Color
Status: NFS
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  Status: For Sale
  Price:   £ 16
  Shipping:   £ 8
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