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My wife and I are celebrating 53 Years (November 8th) on this is a special occassion we have decided to move to a new home in Indio, California. I have had special Instructions from my wife to sell all my Pens, Ink Bottles & Inkwells.
these are the lowest prices for the 250 special lots.
If you pick out Ink bottles from the web site and these items are not part of the lots from 1 to 250. You can have 15% of every 10 bottles.

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All Onoto Bottles Sold as a Collection
Waterman Books

1001 Ink Bottles

Our Labeled Bottle section includes Onoto, Carter, Waterman, Parker, Pelikan, Sheaffer and hundreds of smaller brands from Greece, Spain, China, Japan and other exotic locations.
We also stock a large selection of Traveling Bottles in Aluminium, Wood, Metal and Black Hard Rubber.Unlabeled Bottles include both 19th and 20th century bottles. At this time I am looking for Waterman, Parker bottles, and Onoto if you have one that we don´t have in our Collection I will make you a good offer on it. Send us a scan of the item(s) for sale.

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(3) Waterman Ink Bottles USA one of the rare shape bottle super nice Bakelite Cap imprint with Waterman Globe Lot0072 £587


Collection inc Waterman Flacon
de Luxe Plus Book
Lot0226 £376



Waterman Bakelite Stand Super Rare Ink Bottle USA Lot0125 £199


(1) Waterman JiF this is one of the world rarest Ink Bottles
Lot0229 £115





(5) Well top Waterman Ink Bottle & 2
Original Box's From USA
Lot0160 £305


(2) Swiss Bakelite Waterman Travling Case with two ink Bottle
Lot0232 £307




(5) Set of 5 Waterman Correspondence Ink BottlesLot0161 £254

(13) Bakelite Case with 13 Ink Bottles and waterman book made in France
Lot0241 £1185




(2) Ceramic Waterman Inks Bottle
Container England
Lot0197 £364


(2) Waterman ex #12 BHR Eyedropper Pen & One of the worlds rarest Ink Bottles
Lot0245 £453





Waterman Ink Bottle one gallon
this is a giant of a bottle
Lot0199 £198


(2) Waterman 8oz Ink Bottles rare label
Lot0249 £222





Waterman Ink Bottle one gallon
this is a giant of a bottle
Lot0200 £298


3 Carter Master Inks & 1 16 oz Deco Bottles
Lot0172 £103





(6)Waterman Travelling Metal Case with eyedropper ink bottles + Paperback Ink Bottle Book
Lot0220 £457


(9) Ceramic Ink Pots
Lot0167 £255



(6) Carter Display for 6 Boxes of
ink super item
Lot0198 £120

(6) Collection of Sheaffer ink bottles rare label's
Lot0109 £138



Swan Wicker basket with ceramic
Ink Pot
Lot0195 £120

Rare Tea Kettle #1242 Covill
circa 1840 - 1850 six sided
Lot0168 £189




(2) rare Pelikan Ink Bottles on the
Pelikan Metal Stands
Lot0181 £140



(8) Davids Ink Bottles
Lot0179 £181